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Why You Should Stay Off of Social Media Until Your Criminal Case Is Resolved

 Posted on July 16, 2023 in Criminal Defense

Chicago, IL criminal defense attorneyIf you are like most American adults, you likely spend time on at least one social media platform regularly. Unfortunately, if you are either under investigation for criminal wrongdoing or you have already been arrested, it is time to stop logging onto your social media accounts for a while. The outcome of your criminal defense case could hinge on your ability to avoid posting, commenting, and “liking” others’ content until your legal situation is resolved.

Why is Using Social Media Risky During a Criminal Case? 

Whether it is fair or not, people often judge others based on their appearance. In the digital age, this includes the appearance you project out onto the internet. If you are facing criminal charges, your social media accounts will almost certainly be scrutinized by prosecutors, who can use anything that is publically available as evidence against you. 

This can include, but is not limited to: 

  • Pictures

  • Comments

  • Messages 

  • Friends

  • Location check-ins 

If you have been accused of dealing drugs, for example, and your social media accounts have public photos of paraphernalia or of you participating in drug-related activities, these may be used against you. Even drug-positive messaging may harm your case. 

Does a Prosecutor Need a Warrant to Look at My Social Media? 

Unlike emails, texts, and phone records, social media activity occurs on platforms that are essentially public forums. Whereas a prosecutor would need a warrant to access private electronic communication, they can search your public social media activity freely. As social media posts are now commonly used as evidence in criminal trials, prosecutors are almost certainly keeping tabs on your accounts. Regardless of how strong your privacy settings may be, you will want to assume that everything you say and do on social media can and will be used against you. Remember that prosecutors may also be in contact with people who can view your private content. 

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