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Accusations of criminal offenses should always be taken seriously. While there are certain types of offenses, such as violent crimes, that are likely to result in severe penalties if a person is convicted, non-violent offenses are also investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement. These may include white collar crimes, which are usually financial in nature and may involve deceit and dishonesty that allegedly led victims to suffer significant losses. These types of criminal activities have become more and more common in recent years, and those who are accused of committing fraud or similar offenses will need to understand the steps they can take to defend themselves.

At the Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro, our criminal defense attorney is highly experienced in matters involving financial crimes. With our understanding of the laws that affect these cases, including in state and federal courts, we can determine the ideal defense strategies. Our goal is to help people who have been accused of white collar crimes resolve these matters effectively. If you have been accused of internet crimes, fraud, or other related offenses, we will make sure you understand the best ways to address these charges, either by fighting on your behalf in court or by negotiating a favorable plea bargain that will minimize the penalties that will apply to you.

Common White Collar Crimes

Financial crimes generally will not involve violence, but they can still cause significant harm to victims. Some people may lose large amounts of money, or their personal information may be stolen and used against them, damaging their reputation, their career prospects, and their ability to receive loans or find housing. Because of this, prosecutors are likely to pursue charges against people who are accused of white collar crimes, and they may seek penalties such as large fines, extended prison sentences, or the requirement to pay restitution.

Some offenses that are classified as white collar crimes include:

  • Identity theft - Accessing someone else's personal information without permission, selling or transferring this information to others, or using personal information to obtain money, goods, services, or credit may result in criminal charges. There are a wide range of activities that may fall under this category of offense, including using personal information to open new accounts, take out loans, create fake IDs, purchase products or services, impersonate someone else, or withdraw money from bank accounts. These offenses will usually result in felony charges.
  • Mortgage fraud - Attempts to defraud a financial institution, such as by providing false information on a mortgage application or taking out a loan in someone else's name, will often result in Class 1 felony charges or higher. Charges related to mortgage rescue fraud may also apply if title loan companies or foreclosure consultants are accused of misusing people's information or engaging in abusive schemes. These offenses may result in Class 2 felony charges.
  • Embezzlement - A person may be charged with this offense if they are accused of stealing from an employer or otherwise misappropriating money or property that was placed in their care by another party. These cases will usually result in charges of theft, and the specific charges and penalties will depend on the full value of the money or items that were allegedly stolen.
  • Money laundering - This offense may involve using various methods to further illegal activities and make it appear as if money or goods that were obtained illegally came from legitimate sources. Charges of money laundering will often be related to drug crimes, and a person who assisted in these schemes may also face charges of drug trafficking, even if they were not directly involved in the drug trade.
  • Tax evasion - Failing to report income or assets to the federal government, providing false information on a federal or state tax return, or taking other actions to avoid paying taxes at the federal, state, or local level may result in serious criminal charges.
  • Bribery and corruption - People in positions of trust, such as officials who have been elected to public office, may be accused of abusing that trust and taking actions to benefit themselves, financially or otherwise. Others may be accused of engaging in bribery if they make illegal payments or take other improper actions in order to gain favor from officials in positions of authority.

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It is important to take accusations of white collar crimes seriously. Anyone who learns that they are being investigated for these types of offenses should understand the steps they can take to defend against criminal charges and avoid a conviction. The Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro can provide effective representation in these situations, and we will provide guidance on how these matters can be resolved while minimizing the legal and financial consequences that a person may face. Contact us at 312-627-9482 to set up a complimentary consultation and learn more about our criminal defense services.

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