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Criminal charges can vary widely in severity, and the seriousness of charges will often be based on the identities of the alleged victims and the potential harm that was caused by a person's actions. Allegations of crimes against children will often lead to the most serious charges. Since minors are especially vulnerable to harm, and they may suffer physical or emotional injuries that may affect their growth and development, prosecutors are likely to pursue charges zealously. In addition to doing everything possible to obtain a conviction, prosecutors will often look to implement harsh penalties in these situations, and an alleged offender may face a jail sentence of multiple years or decades, massive fines, a long period of probation, the requirement to register as a sex offender, and other consequences.

No matter the nature of an alleged offense, anyone who is accused of committing crimes against children will need a knowledgeable, experienced legal advocate on their side. The Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro has represented clients in a wide variety of criminal cases, including those involving sex crimes and other offenses that were related to minors. We know how to build a strong defense in these situations, and with our aggressive approach and thorough knowledge of the laws in Illinois, we help our clients fight for justice and pursue favorable outcomes that will allow them to move on with their lives successfully.

Criminal Charges Involving Minor Victims in Illinois

When a person is accused of behavior that caused children to suffer injuries, led to emotional trauma, or put them at risk of harm, the criminal charges they may face are likely to be charged as felonies. Some offenses involving harm to children that defendants may face in Illinois include:

  • Criminal sexual assault - A person may be charged with a Class 1 felony if they allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse with a minor who was at least 13 years old but under the age of 18. An offense may be elevated to aggravated criminal sexual assault in certain situations, such as when a child was under the age of nine. Accusations of aggravated criminal sexual assault will typically lead to Class X felony charges.
  • Predatory criminal sexual assault - This offense may apply if an adult engages in any form of sexual conduct with a child under the age of 13. It is usually charged as a Class X felony, and a harsher sentence may be imposed in certain situations, such as when a person was armed with a firearm.
  • Criminal sexual abuse - An adult who engages in non-penetrative sexual contact with a child may be charged with sexual abuse, although in most cases involving children, an adult will face charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Criminal sexual abuse may result in Class A misdemeanor charges, but aggravated criminal sexual abuse will usually be charged as a Class 2 felony.
  • Child pornography - Possession of materials that depict minors engaging in sexual conduct will result in serious felony charges. These charges may apply if a person downloads sexually explicit images or videos of children over the internet or possesses photos, magazines, or other printed materials that are considered child pornography. Possession of child pornography may result in Class 3 felony charges. Distributing child pornography or producing child pornography by photographing or filming children engaging in sex acts may result in Class 1 or Class X felony charges.
  • Internet sex crimes - Communicating with children online in an inappropriate manner may result in serious criminal charges. Online solicitation of a minor or solicitation to meet a child can range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 1 felony depending on whether a person intended to engage in actions that could be classified as criminal sexual assault or criminal sexual abuse. Other charges may include sexual exploitation of a child or distribution of harmful material to minors, which are usually charged as Class A misdemeanors.
  • Juvenile prostitution - A person who offers or agrees to pay money or other forms of compensation in return for engaging in sex acts with a minor may face Class 3 felony charges. A person who promotes juvenile prostitution, including enticing minors to engage in prostitution or profiting from these types of activities, may face Class 1 or Class X felony charges.

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