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Violent crimes will typically involve the use or threat of force or the infliction of injuries upon others. In some cases, these types of charges may apply when force or violence is involved in other types of crimes, such as theft. Vehicular hijacking (also known as carjacking) falls into the category of violent crime, and it is taken very seriously by criminal courts in Illinois. Anyone who has been accused of or arrested for vehicular hijacking should be aware of the potential penalties they may face if they are convicted, and they will also need to understand the options available to them as they defend against these charges.

Following an arrest for vehicular hijacking, it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney right away. Vehicular hijacking and aggravated vehicular hijacking can carry serious consequences if you are convicted in a criminal court. At the Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro, our knowledgeable lawyer understands the laws that affect these types of cases, the procedures followed during the prosecution of these offenses, and the defense strategies that may be used. We know how to protect your rights in these situations, and we will take an aggressive approach as we determine how to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Vehicular Hijacking Charges in Illinois

If someone is accused of stealing a motor vehicle, they will generally be prosecuted on charges of theft. The penalties for theft will vary depending on the value of the property that was allegedly stolen, and felony charges will usually apply if a vehicle or other property was valued at $500 or more. However, charges may become more serious if a person is accused of directly stealing a vehicle from someone else.

Carjacking is generally understood to involve the theft of a vehicle from a person by threatening to harm them. In Illinois, the offense of vehicular hijacking is defined as taking a motor vehicle from someone by using force or threatening to inflict injuries if they do not comply. For example, reaching through the open door or window of a person's car, forcibly pulling them out of the vehicle, then driving away with the vehicle will most likely be considered vehicular hijacking. This offense is classified as a Class 1 felony, which can be punished by a jail sentence of four to 15 years.

Depending on the circumstances of a case, the offense of aggravated vehicular hijacking may be pursued by prosecutors. If a vehicle is taken from a person over the age of 60 or someone with a disability, or if a child under the age of 16 was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the offense, a person may be charged with a Class X felony and sentenced to six to 30 years in jail. If a person carried a dangerous weapon such as a knife or club while committing vehicular hijacking, their sentence may be extended by at least seven years. A person who committed vehicular hijacking with a firearm in their possession may be sentenced to an additional 15 years in prison. Discharging a firearm while committing vehicular hijacking will result in 20 years being added to a prison sentence, and if a person fired a gun and seriously injured or killed someone, they may be sentenced to an additional 25 years or life in prison.

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Vehicular hijacking is a serious offense that can have long-term consequences for those who are convicted. To properly respond to accusations of carjacking and other related offenses, it is crucial to secure representation from a skilled criminal defense lawyer. At the Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro, we understand the best defense strategies that may be used in these situations, and we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to ensure they can resolve their cases successfully. Contact us today for more information about how we can assist you with your case. Call 312-627-9482 for a free consultation.

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