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How to Find a Crime Lawyer in Illinois?

If you face criminal charges, you can be sure that the police and prosecutors will bring all their power to bear against you. That’s why you want a strong advocate to fight for your rights just as forcefully.  At the Law Offices of James F DiQuattro, I represent people throughout Illinois who’ve been accused of committing crimes by providing aggressive, results-oriented defense. I know the Illinois criminal justice system, and I have both the background and skill to take on tough cases. No matter what type of charge you face, you can count on me to press for the best possible result through tenacious, tireless advocacy.

Nothing is more important than your freedom. If you need a defense attorney who is dedicated to your case, contact the Law Offices of James F DiQuattro today. I also work to help clients eliminate past criminal charges or get those records sealed. If you’re charged with a crime, you deserve a criminal defense attorney who will fight for you. I have the determination and experience to pursue the best possible outcome no matter what charge you face. 

Persistent Illinois Advocate Challenges the Charges Against You

At the Law Offices of James F DiQuattro, I oppose charges ranging from minor offenses to serious felonies. Felony convictions carry the most serious consequences. A person convicted of a felony is sentenced to serve at least one year in a state or federal prison and may be incarcerated for life. Although misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, a misdemeanor conviction can send you to jail and leave you with a record that follows you for the rest of your life.

My firm represents clients charged with:

  • Violent crimes — I build self-defense arguments and other strong legal responses to charges such as murder, assault, rape and other violent crimes.
  • Sex crimes — Sentences for sexual offenses can carry lifelong consequences. I will work to ensure that your side of the story is told and that your rights are protected.
  • Gun and Weapons Crimes
  • Drug violations — Charges of trafficking, distributing or possessing an illegal substance can result in heavy fines and extended time in jail. My goal is to eliminate or minimize the charges against you.
  • Driving offenses — If you have been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving with a suspended license or another traffic offense, I can challenge law enforcement’s procedures and test results.
  • Federal Crimes
  • Financial Crimes
  • Internet Crimes
  • Appellate Advocacy 

Tenacious Law Firm Presses for Dismissals, Acquittals, Exonerations and Favorable Plea Deals

Through each step of your case, I will strongly challenge the prosecution’s efforts to prove theirs. You can count on me to do everything in my power to obtain the best possible result under the facts, whether that’s a dismissal of the charges, exoneration at trial, or a reduced sentence through a plea agreement. I know that witnesses can misremember events, crime scenes can be tampered with, and law enforcement can make mistakes. To build your defense, I will carefully examine all arrest records and other relevant documents for vulnerabilities. I may also personally speak with witnesses or examine the alleged crime scene. When the circumstances call for it, I bring in experts to challenge the prosecution’s theories.

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