Chicago Assault & Battery Attorney

Criminal defense attorney asserts your rights against violent crime charges in the Chicago area

If you are charged with assault or battery, you may be facing prison time. You need a criminal defense attorney who is determined and serious about fighting for you, one with the experience and knowledge to succeed. At the Law Offices of James F DiQuattro, I aggressively defend individuals in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois who’ve been charged with assault or battery. I will fight for your rights in the criminal justice system as I seek the best possible outcome under the facts of your case.

Knowledgeable counselor understands assault and battery charges

Generally, assault is the threat of violence, and battery is any violent or unwanted touching. These charges vary by state, and the names of the two crimes are often used interchangeably. In some states, they are not considered separate offenses. Actions such as hitting, kicking, punching or pushing are considered to be assaults. Many other actions such as grabbing or spitting can also lead to these charges. I present a formidable defense to all types of assault and battery charges.

Proven Advocate Handles a Range of Assault Cases


Assaults occur for a variety of reasons. Many assault or battery charges stem from simple fights. In these cases, I will work to show that you were acting in self-defense and are not a violent criminal. Other assaults are gang-related or occur in conjunction with other crimes such as robbery. Assaults of a sexual nature are treated differently by the law. In all cases, I will decisively defend your freedom.

Skilled defense lawyer works to reduce assault charges

Most states have a variety of assault charges such as aggravated assault or assault in the first degree. Depending on the facts of your case, the state may choose to charge you with a higher-level crime than is necessary. I will work to get your charges reduced through a variety of pretrial motions. I also fight to get clients the most lenient sentence possible under the circumstances.

Contact aggressive Illinois assault and battery lawyers near you today

When you’re faced with assault and battery charges, your life can become complicated quickly. It's important to understand the consequences that come with being charged with a crime. In addition to possible jail time, fines, and probation, there could be other long-term impacts on your life such as difficulty finding employment or housing, financial hardship due to legal fees, or social stigma.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is one of the best moves you can make if you've been charged with assault and battery. An experienced lawyer will not only protect your rights but also work hard to minimize any potential consequences that may arise from the case. With one on your side, they'll examine all of the evidence in your case for any inconsistencies or errors that could be used to your advantage. Your lawyer will also work tirelessly to negotiate a favorable plea bargain or even get the charges dismissed altogether.

No one wants to face the repercussions of an assault and battery charge, but with the right defense lawyer in your corner, you can rest assured that every aspect of your case is being handled appropriately. A qualified attorney who specializes in criminal defense can provide valuable legal counsel and support throughout the entire process so that you receive fair treatment under the law. Don’t take on this challenge alone—hire an assault and battery lawyer near you!

If you are charged with assault or battery, you need a strong defense from an experienced attorney. Call the Law Offices of James F DiQuattro at 312-627-9482 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation with an assault and battery attorney near you.

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